Case Studies

Case Studies
AI Influencer

AI Influencer – Clear x Tóc Tiên


  • Engage with 10,000 consumers per day, using unique content 
  • Respond to queries in seconds
  • Chat to fans in a livestream with the engagement rate of 5000 responses/ 2 hours
  • Full scale campaign up & run in only 2 months
Auto Video Generator

Auto Video Generator


  • A Facebook post engaged consumers to join campaign by inboxing us their best selfies thỏughout the years or granting us the right to access consumers’ public Facebook photos.
  • Our AI bot then scans those photos, analyses the photo, identifies user’s face, hair length, hair color… throughout the years, then auto generates a video celebrating the real beauty of those women.
  • The AI bot sends video generated via user’s inbox and urges them to share on Facebook
Auto Photo Generator

Auto Photo Generator 
– Comfort


  • A Facebook post asks consumers to upload a photo of dad & kid
  • Our AI bot then analyses the photo, identify dad & kid faces, trim the faces from the original photo, then auto generate new photos from original photos uploaded by consumers
  • The AI bot also responds to the consumers with the new photo generated in less than 3  minutes
Chatbot 2.0

Chatbot 2.0 – VP Bank

Our Chatbot helps VP Bank to communicate with a large number of customer at once and deliver your brand’s message precisely.
With Machine Learning technology and the use of Artificial Intelligence, our Chatbot can communicate naturally in text/ voice.

Auto Content Publisher, Gif Generator

Auto Reply & GIF Generator  – Suntory Pepsico – Goodmood


  • Using AI Bot to automate the GIF responses. 
  • We created a series of branded GIF related to MOODS and uploaded onto GIPHY. Whenever users comment a keyword showing their MOOD – The AI Bot immediately responds with relevant GIF.
  • Over the time, we collected the moods of users, then trained
Auto Content Publisher

Auto Content Publisher – Talentnet

A HR consulting company website with 300 unique articles auto created per day

AI Radio

The first AI Radio Host in Vietnam – Trần AI

Tran AI – the first virtual person in Vietnam who has the ability to create script content and is the host of the radio “Aspirin Buổi Chiều” on the Voice of VOV Traffice. In addition, Tran AI is also capable of making summary videos and book reviews. These content can be converted from text or video data into artificial speech. Unikon’s system is fully automated from appearance, content to voice of Tran AI.

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