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From a Facebook post to a whole website content & design,  now the power of content marketing is at your fingertips.

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We help customers automate their communication using our auto content generator platform.


One stop shop for all content needs

Unikon auto content generator makes it possible for anyone to effortlessly create multiple content formats—all in one place.

Create unique content in seconds

Our NLG fluent AI can create articles in seconds, visual in minutes & videos in half an hour. It's not only unique, it's also trendy.

Share everywhere once

Unikon auto content poster makes your brand voice heard everywhere, be it on social feeds, a blog post, in ecommerce reviews sessions, in OTT platforms.

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Our core strength is natural language generating machine, trained by AI specialists that fluent content marketing so that the AI can speak natural content marketing language

From your brand guideline & content data from relevant sources

AI Training

Using NLP


Test it till you make it

Launching & Monitoring

With live dashboard & continue to improve the AI throughout the campaign.

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